Many people consider the 80’s the golden age of gaming. Arcade games were in fashion. Gaming was simple.  No one would have ever guessed where we would be now.  Gaming has evolved into something that no one could have ever dreamed of. We are playing virtual reality games, competing in tournaments, making a living off of streaming.  The W’s we have secured and the L’s we took along the way have created this passion shared between players. The gaming world is evolving rapidly. Super Duper Labs was created to assist gamers in their own personal evolution.  We have tried the competition and we were disappointed, to say the least. We knew we had to do something. We wanted to bring back the nostalgic golden age of gaming, but pack our supplement with the power to dominate the online universe that exists today.  Our product was created by gamers for gamers. Super Duper provides long-lasting energy, no-lag reaction time, and dialed in focus.  Essentially, we are providing you with the power-up which will take your gaming to the next level.